New Era, New Coaching Packages

Welcome to DHPT Online Coaching.


Here you can check out all the details of the different coaching packages currently available, and choose which bests suits your neesds.

I'll be very happy to have you on board!




Classic Edition: Full Membership


Train at the local gym, at home with some resistance bands and other low cost items, or let's put our heads together and plan your ideal garage or patio gym.


Full Membership Package Includes:


  • Custom Periodised Sports Nutrition Strategy

  • Custom Training Progam on the DHPT app

  • Unmatched Level of Coaching & Support

    • Check in on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sundays.

    • Optional social chat on Saturday nights.

  • Additional content via email.


3 Months Membership & Support: $AUD799
via 2 instalments.


Extra Special:


You never have to rejoin again at full price after completing a season of membership. Unlimited renewals available at $AUD99 per month or $AUD297 per season for as long as you'd like to continue to participate and to support your coach.


If that's not possible for financial reasons, still check in on Saturday nights in the social group to stay motivated, stay in touch, and stay on track.


Nutrition Edition


This is the first time I've ever officially offered a "just the nutrition" package, for those who already have a strength coach, athletic coach, or don't require a training program from me for some other reason. It's not a "I don't want to train, just give me the diet so I can lose weight" package. You need to be doing some productive, structured training, regularly and enthusiastically.

If you're on a tight budget but can afford this package while following the training program that's a part of the free program... that's a good option and you'll be very pleased with how it works out for you.


3 Months Membership & Support: $AUD499



Executive Edition: Unlimited


The Executive Edition is for the people who can afford to invest financially in the best coaching, nutrition, and training systems on the market today, and who will feel good about choosing to support their coach at the highest level, ensuring that I have a prosperous business, and allowing me to also support those who might be going through more challenging times financially.


This package includes unlimited support via messenger, and we'll think of some other special perks and features later too.


3 Months Membership & Support: $AUD1000
Monthly Renewals: $AUD199



The Fine Print: It is assumed upon checkout that you have thoroughly investigated the nature of the program and are enthusiastic to follow the training and nutritional strategies. The minimum membership duration is three months, and the first two installments are mandatory. Membership renewals beyond three months are optional, and you may opt out at any time after the second mandatory installment