Welcome to the new look information and registration page for Flexible Fueling Online Coaching.


It's my 10th year since launching my Personal Training business, and my 2nd year since escaping the city to build my own private gym at my seaside cottage.


It's a new look website as we relaunch for the post-lockdown era, with a new and improved app based delivery system for the training programs and exercise instruction, which syncs to your myfitnesspal, fitbit, and other apps and devices. You can click the icons above for a preview.


My training and nutrition strategies were already the best, but they're still evolving and improving too!



This Is Different

Flexible Fueling  is all about productive training, and being fueled for results that are permanent and sustainable. It is all about getting out of that destructive cycle of restrictive and extreme crash dieting, and enriching your life through enjoying a passionate interest in training, producing great results, and also enjoying a healthy appetite and a healthy relationship with food and eating.


Unlike other so called IIFYM, Flexible Dieting or macros based approaches... it is not just about establishing a deficit and being expected to slash further and further until you are famished and miserable.


You probably already know that that style of  garbage doesn't work! Check the How It Works tab for the full run down of... well, how it actually works!

Who Is This For?

Flexible Fueling is for anyone who wants to learn an effective approach to strength based training, in the gym or at home.


If you're a serious enthusiast or a competitive athlete, you need to be fueled adequately and then build the confidence to increase to more optimal, higher levels of energy intake. You need not to be on a restrictive, low calorie diet and afraid to enjoy suitable meals.


If you're a new enthusiast just looking to get started, the same is true!


If you're an educated health professional or other knowledgeable person who wants fitness coaching without any of the usual "detox" and other nutritional bollocks, you've come to the right place too!